Mũi Né - Thăm vẻ đẹp tự nhiên

Mũi Né - Thăm vẻ đẹp tự nhiên
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A few kilometers East of Phan Thiet are some of the most beautiful stretches of beaches in Vietnam. Some are lined with tall coconut trees, others lean against vast red sand dunes During the period between July and October, the fishing season is at its pinnacle in Phan Thiet as fishermen go out to sea. These boats form a magnificent display of lights at night and can be seen from shore. In fact, the scene is liken to a floating city by the locals.

Visiting places:
- Bai Rang: Bai Rang or Rang Beach is probably the most beautiful beach in Phan Thiet. It is located 15 Km northeast of Phan Thiet and is described by the locals as the beach that is nestled in the middle of a coconut palm forest. Other landmarks in the area of Rang beach are Da Ong Dia (boulders of the Earth God), and Suoi Tien (Celestial stream).
- Mui Ne Sand Dunes: However, by far the most popular among tourists are Mui Ne Sand Dunes and Mui Ne Beaches located 12 miles East of Phan Thiet. The sand dunes in this area are shaped by the elements of the wind and therefore is a spectacular site to the visitors.
- Mui Ne Fishing Village: Mui Ne gets its name from the local fishermen using this area as a shelter during the stormy season. Mui meaning nose or peninsula and Ne meaning to duck or to take shelter. The combination of sun, sand and deep turquoise water of the pacific ocean create a breath taking and spectacular site to the visitors.


Day 1: Saigon - Mui Ne (no meal)
Leave Ho Chi Minh City by road for Phan Thiet. The scenic 200km drive north on Highway One passes through the bustling city of Bien Hoa before cutting through dense rubber plantations. Nearer to Phan Thiet the terrain changes to arid semi-desert with cactus plants and strange looking dragon fruit trees. Arrive in Phan Thiet in the late morning and check into resort. The rest of day is free to relax by the pool or on the sandy beach. Overnight in Mui Ne.

Day 2: Mui Ne (B)
Enjoy a day to the completely untamed area with dunes from dark red to snow white sand and rive along kilometers of white sandy beaches with the sea on one side and endless Sand Dunes on the other. Discover the daily lives of fishermen and drive to an inland?to discover the ?" White Lake" where snow-white sand dunes reflect themselves in the still waters

Day 3: Mui Ne - Saigon (B)
Free at leisure

Day 4: Muine-Saigon (B)
Morning free at leisure till check our and heading back Saigon (accommodation not included)

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